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Eh? Honma?! Bikkuri!! 2007 TOUR Kanjani8 Michak
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6th-Jan-2008 12:29 pm - 001. Kanagawa
In case anyone's confused, this is the writing that's inside the fat book that's mostly pictures. But you're all smart people and can figure it out ne ヘ(*^0^*)v

[K8] 3Baka // Aho wa doko?
Considering that other than Ryo, the rest of the members write considerably longer entries, so I'll be putting these up by the months.
Yoko's jwebs Batch #1 - May 2007Collapse )
31st-Jan-2008 09:42 pm - Introductory Post
[K8] Subaru // *POKE*
Welcome one and all to Zenkoku47, a translation community for Kanjani8’s “Eh? Honma?! Bikkuri!! TOUR 2007” photobook, run by shiokazehime and solitair. In this community you will [eventually] find the translations of all the text-related sections of the photobook here – members’ jwebs, interviews, [Ryo’s] essay, mini MCs, love confessions used during the Eito Ranger skits, and other snippets of info found in the photobook. We’ll be updating periodically so keep checking back for stuff!

However, there is one thing that we would like everyone to adhere to: Please DO NOT repost these translations anywhere else.

From the translators,
shiokazehime & solitair

Master list of everything on Zenkoku47Collapse )
Memories of Kanjani∞ EH? HONMA?! BIKKURI!!! TOUR 2007
Nishikido Ryo
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